We offer

  1. Pre/surgery and pre/chemotherapy alternative, integrative treatments to eliminate toxins, to balance the body ‘s energies, and to turn on ‘the fighting mode’ i.e. the immune system 3-8 sessions 650$ each/you receive a doctor’s visit and the final recommendations, some of the herbs and supplements are included.
  2. Analysis and treatments are individual and specific to the case.

  3. Evaluation and long term support in life stile change
  4. Recommendations may include short term supervised juice fasting, therapeutically bath, change in diet with accent on row vegetarian/vegan diet, supplements ,herbal teas, massages .

    We understand that changes of habits especially food habits are difficult therefore a licensed psychologist will asist you all the way.

    Is not “right way “ or “wrong way” is your own way and we are here for you with care passion and positive reinforcement.

    Life stile change is 1500 USD/month it may take 2-6 months to change and break free, but once you are free...the sky is the limit

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