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We have over 560 testimonials backing up our products. Here is one of them from Mrs.Alexandra Todirita, age 70, Strada Padurea Craiului No. 1 Bucharest, Romania:

When I started this program two years ago, I was 45 pounds overweight. My blood pressure was 180/110. I was taking medication for high blood pressure and for Angor(chest pain). I was dizzy almost all the time and I was assisted in walking outside of my apartment. My cholesterol level was 340mg/1000, in spite of being heavily medicated. Now I have dropped thirty pounds towards my goal weight. My blood pressure is 110/70 and the pain is gone. Each day I exercise for 45 minutes in the park nearby. My friends and neighbors are asking me if I am the same person.

Look what Elizabeth Queen from California is saying:

"After three months only, my arthritis is miraculously cured. (I used to suffer from debilitating arthritis.) I'm sleeping without a sleeping aid and my blood pressure is normal. But, what I'm experiencing is a new body - vibrant, agile and healthy. My good humor is back. My life is back." Thank you Preventive Medicine Foundation.

Elisabeth Burleson from Conneticut and Erna Lilienfield from California both over 75 years of age, had all their health parameters dramatically improved after following a few months our treatment.

Maria Williams MD , homeopathic doctor from Colorado wrote us: "Thank you for this miraculous and revolutionary cure! I'm feeling 20 years younger! "

Paul Kremer from Israel age 63 is following our program for more than one year Listen to him...

"Suffering from COPD (FV1 about 40%) ,from high blood pressure and high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides ,while walking fast and climbing a few stairs were a serious effort for me, I've started this treatment 14 months ago without much hope for an improvement. One year later my cardiologist is very pleased with my blood pressure and also with my blood tests (actually I'm taking no medications at all) and my physical condition has significantly improved. I’m not going to tell you that I'll be running on the Tel Aviv marathon -but I feel much stronger and I'm able to do things I couldn't do before And most important for me -my lungs are now in a better shape and FV1 jumped to 52 % ! Dear Dr. Magda Botez, thank you so much!".

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