Preventive Medicine Foundation is a multinational organization with leading Romanian researchers: Dr. Monica Barsan, (Institute of Geriatrics and Gerontology Ana Aslan) Dr. Magda Botez DDS, Santa Barbara.

The main research theme is the retardation of the aging process and in this regard the Foundation patented formula 17, Formula 4, Phoenix, etc... Helanvital product that combats and prevents Alzheimer's disease was discovered by accident:

I was concerned to set up a product that would restore the zest for life, energy and vitality.

Chronic Fatigue is a fairly new entity in the medical domain. As the product is made exclusively from plants and herbs, the treatment has absolutely no side effects and will not interfere with any either a medical treatment.

The benefits are seen after about four months, when patients are reporting increased energy levels progress with the immediate memory and better coordination.

Our study shows that even though Alzheimer's disease sometimes can not be stopped it can be significantly slowed and the quality of life of those with this terrible disease can be substantially improved.

Recommended course of treatment is 4-6 months. Dr. Botez

Product Price
Helanvital AND IF IT WAS TRUE ?? The Alzheimer disease ...

What could be more devastating for a family than the slow death of a loved one? Just suppose for a moment that it is the women you loved and your have married, the woman who gave birth to your children. They have grown-up and left home, you are now alone with your wife and both of you are suffering! The disease is rather insidious, starting long time before it could be diagnosed.

But WHAT IF a treatment does exist?

A treatment without side effects (made from plants) that can stop the disease and in some cases could even reverse these processes?

And I am telling you that THERE IS HOPE now, and such a treatment exists! So far our product Helanvital, a beverage (taste slightly unpleasant...) achieved this miracle in more than 80% of the cases!

$ 485 per month
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