Dr. Monica Maria Barsan has her doctoral degree in Geriatrics

She was the right hand of the famous Professor Ana Aslan- the Undisputed Quinn of rejuvenating. With more than 150 articles, communications, conferences and co- author to books about ageing, Doctor Monica Maria Barsan is famous in the field of reversing the ageing process.

Catering to the rich and famous from Hollywood stars to Presidents like President Richard Nixon, opera diva Maria Callas or Claudia Cardinale- the movie star.

In the last years of her life Professor Ana Aslan was interested in finding out if her formula based on procaine was effective for sexual dysfunctions and Dr Monica Barsan was in charge with the project.

The result was above all expectations and a new product was developed by Dr. Barsan. Unfortunately Professor Aslan died at a very old age, (according to her own wish not to be disclosed) - but well above her functional age. She used to look 45 when she was 75...

Dr. Magda Botez in her own words:

I am a Romanian born American citizen with a permanent residence in California.

I am trained as a Dentist and the diploma of Doctor in Dentistry was obtained in Romania (Dracula's country, Nadia Comaneci's country but also Anna Aslan’s country).

For personal reasons, I immigrated with my family in Switzerland where I was a full time dentist at the "Policlinique Universitare, Cesar Roux 22, 1000 Lausanne ".

My training was in the "Orthodox Medicine", having no knowledge whatsoever in the field of the Alternative Medicine.

Furthermore, I was mortified by the claims made generally by charlatans who said that they can cure cancer with vitamin C or aloe Vera. This area of ancient medicine being abused by people with little or no knowledge but with a big appetite for money, I kept as far as possible from this field.

In fact, it was the Alternative Medicine choosing me, not the other way around. While in Lausanne CH, I attended the courses of Prof. Dr. Med. Dominic Senn, a celebrity in the Homeopathic field - Homeopathy being accepted and sometimes taught in the big Universities, in France for example.

Then my mother developed a terminal cancer (Malignant non Hodgkin Lymphoma with undifferentiated cells). The prognosis was somber, and she was extremely frail and finally unable to move (she had to use a wheelchair).

A close friend, whom I personally consider a genius in the Medical field, recommended Laetrile, as a last resort treatment for Paula (my mother).

Having nothing to lose, and having her permission, I ordered Laetrile from a Clinic in Germany.

So I started to give my own mother a chemical product which was banned in the US, but used in Europe on a small scale.

To make this long story short, the best hematologist in Switzerland at that time, Prof Dr Clement, told my mother that she was supposed to live maximum two months.

Twenty years later, my mother was still alive and with no trace of cancer...

I think that anybody trained in the scientific field will be passionate to find out more about the Alternative Medicine, the "step sister" of the official Medicine.

Complementary Medicine and or "La Medicine Douce", being other interchangeable names.

So I studied, and studied and studied, having a very inquisitive mind, and having a strong background in the Orthodox field.

Rejuvenation became later another subject of interest and research in the field of ageing.

Is it possible to turn back the clock?

Is it possible to rejuvenate, from the inside, not from cosmetic surgery, which is also a very interesting tool, but really to rejuvenate?

The answer is in our products, and the answer is YES.

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