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Dr Monica Barsan-Ana Aslan Institute/Bucharest /Romania
Prof Nicole Suciu-Foca-Cortessini /Columbia University

We are to day at the crossroads between Ortodox Medicine, Alternative Medicine and Nutrition. Without the sound framework of good nutrition, all the efforts to cure a disease are necessarily failing.

What is nutrition (?)

Nutrition represents the activities of the food substances introduced into the body; the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

  1. Colin T Campbell in his revolutionary book “The China Study” which is well documented,peer-reviewed and the latest and more comprehensive nutrition study. Colin Campbell describes eight principles of food and health We are concentrating on principle # 3,page 230:
  2. There are virtually no nutrients in animal -based foods that are not better provided by plants. Plant foods have dramatically more antioxidants,fiber and minerals than animal foods. Animal foods have much more cholesterol and fats. A sensible vegetarian/vegan diet is therefore strongly sugested.
  3. 33 shades of color
  4. “ The right colors should have the ability to change the way you live, think, and percive things” Carole Shashona-ASID certified interior designer /Malibu/California

    Cooking for example in an environment that is bright, adventurous and uplifting can be an health promoting event.

  5. Acupuncture re-discovered
  6. acupuncture made waves when the NewYork Times reporter James Reston was visiting China in 1972, with President Nixon.

    Received with reservation/doubt by the medical community, Acupuncture has exploded in the last year (2012).Professional sports teams like the San Francisco Giants keep an acupuncturist on staff.

    Acupuncture is used side by side with bio-medicine.

  7. Hello Doctor! Is graded the herb chamomile in Moldova/Romania.
  8. forest

    are not only for cooking, herbal medicine can make a difference in how you feel. We use herbs tailored to your particular needs.

    The current encyclopedia of Chinese herbs (Material Medical) contains more than four hundred and seventy varieties.

    Here is just an example
    Turmenic (YU JIN)
    The chief culinary spice in Indian cuisine and tai cuisine, turmenic has been used for health benefits for centuries.

    Some of claimed properties:
    • decreases arthritis pain and increases joint flexibility
    • reduces inflammation by lowering histamine levels
    • aides in fat metabolism
    • may inhibit the growth of skin cancer
    • helps the prevention of M.S. and Alzheimer’s disease
  9. last but not least: Homeopathy.

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